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Families are selected for interview based on the College Enrolment Policy below. The interview process for Year 7, 2018 has been completed.  New enrolment applications for 2018 are welcome and places are subject to availability.  An Enrolment Application and supporting documents should be forwarded to the College as soon as possible.  The interview process for Year 7, 2019 commences in February 2017 taking place throughout Terms 1 and 2.  The interview process for Year 7, 2020 will commence in February 2018.

In accepting students, the following priorities are considered:
1.   Catholic students with reference of religious commitment of family from the parish priest.
2.   Families with siblings, or who have attended, and who are supportive of policies and conditions.
3.   Daughters of past students.
4.   Other Catholic students.
5.   Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools.
6.   Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
7.   Other non-Catholic students.

Enrolments are dependent upon vacancies and the following conditions:
1.   At least one parent attends an interview with the Principal or her representative.
2.   The parents sign an acceptance of school policy, rules and parental involvement.

Residency Status:
Students must be either Australian citizens or have permanent residency status.

Application for Enrolment 

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