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Career education is focused on not only providing information but also on supporting and providing opportunities for students to grow their capabilities in managing their own career development.  Career development activities need to help young people understand how multiple factors influence career decisions.  At Mercedes College we are committed to offering students the opportunity to participate in a variety of career development programs that provide students with learning activities designed to help them reach their unique career potential.  The Australian Blueprint for Career Development has been used to develop appropriate activities.  A number of formal activities form part of the current career development program at the College.

Year 12 Mentor’s Breakfast
Each year a Mentor’s Breakfast is held for students who are given the opportunity to interact with representatives from a wide range of occupations.  Mercedes College Alumni are invited to participate and offer their invaluable knowledge, help and support to students as they plan their future pathways.

Year 11/12 Guest Speaker program
During pastoral periods, guest speakers from each University, TAFE and TISC speak to students about entry pathways and programs offered by their respective educational institutes.

Years 10, 11 and 12 receive regular newsletters with vital information about open days, career expos and other ‘career related’ opportunities.

Career Counselling Interviews
Students are invited to make appointments for one-one career guidance interviews.

Course Selction Interviews
All Year 10 students and their parents/guardian participate in a personalised interview prior to selection of courses for Years 11 and 12.

Year 10 Programs
Students participate in a Career Development class once a week for Semester 1 that incorporates proven strategies that assists young people find direction, overcome barriers and build the emotional skills needed to maximise performance in their life, career and study.  The program includes:
Step 1:       Self Assessment and Goal Setting
Step 2:       Exploring post school options and locating and effectively using career information
Step 3:       Course selection activities
Step 4:       Researching possible career pathways

Workplace Learning
Students have the opportunity of participating in the Workplace Learning course that aims to provide students with the knowledge, workplace skills and attitudes valued within work environments, as a preparation for employment.  As part of their formal education students attend the workplace one day a week or they may participate in block placements, developing technical skills and knowledge that will enhance their 'employability skills'.  Workplace Learning provides students with the opportunity to further their achievement of specific over-arching learning outcomes from the Curriculum Framework.

Australian Qualifications Framework
Students at Mercedes College have the opportunity of completing nationally recognised VET qualifications under the Australian qualifications Framework.  Certificate courses offered include:

  • Certificate II Creative Industries (Media)
  • Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Certificate II Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • Certificate III Business
  • Certificate III Tourism
  • Certificate II Sport and Recreation

Opportunities also exist for students to attend Central Institute of Technology one day a week to undertake certificates in various areas, including Beauty Therapy, Child Care, Drafting, Electro Technology, Financial Services, Health, Legal Studies, Mining, Surveying, Teacher Assistant, Tourism & Events.





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