House System

The House system is one of Mercedes College's great strengths and contributes greatly to the spirit of our school. It is designed to promote an environment in which students and staff, experience a sense of community and feel valued and engaged. Older students learn to care for, and encourage and support younger students in a wide variety of House activities. The House system is student centred and provides many leadership opportunities.

Students are allocated to houses to participate in a wide range of events throughout the year including sports, dance, drama, music, choir, film, debating, chess and art.  Each House has a Teacher Leader as well as a Prefect and her Deputy. Siblings are allocated to the same house as their elder sister.

The House names recall significant women of the Sisters of Mercy; Catherine McAuley, Ursula Frayne, Brigid McDonald, Dolores Serisier, Mary Cooper, Assisium Wright.  Each House honors and strengthens its tradition and namesake.

MC HouseCrest_Cooper_AW V2 Sr Mary Loyola was a English and French teacher at the College between 1920 and 1980.  Sr Loyola was the first woman to receive a Bachelor Degree at the University of WA.  She was instrumental in establishing the class library, a new innovation in those days.  She was a member of the Staff of the Teacher Training College which commenced in 1938 

MC HouseCrest_McAuley_AW V2

Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin in 1831. Mother McAuley was a woman of great mercy and compassion to those in need. McAuley House Motto is "MERCY". The House colour is green.

MC HouseCrest_Frayne_AW V2

Mother Ursula Frayne was in charge of the Foundation Members of the Sisters of Mercy in Perth in 1846, and could possibly be called the first Principal. Mother Frayne and her companions worked tirelessly to establish Catholic Education in WA. She was a woman of great courage and fortitude. A plaque in St George's Terrace commemorates her endeavours. Frayne House motto is "COURAGE". The House colour is yellow.

MC HouseCrest_McDonald_AW V2

Mother Brigid McDonald was the Mother General of the Sisters of Mercy in WA from 1920–1950 and was responsible for many building projects including the Chapel, Santa Maria College, St Anne's Hospital and many Mercy convents. Mother McDonald was a woman of great wisdom and foresight. McDonald House Motto is "WISDOM". The House colour is red.

MC HouseCrest_Serisier_AW V2

Mother Dolores Serisier was the first Principal of Mercedes College, which was the amalgamation of two schools on the Victoria Square site, in 1967. Prior to 1967 the two schools were St Joseph's (where Mother Dolores Serisier was Principal for 27 years) and Our Lady's College. Mother Serisier stood for truth and justice. Serisier House Motto is "TRUTH". The House colour is blue.
MC HouseCrest_Wright_AW  V2 Sr Mollie Wright was a boarder at St Joseph's Victoria Square and entered the Convent Victoria Square in 1950.  She was appointed to Mercedes staff in 1970 and served the College as Deputy Principal from 1971 to 1976 and Principal from 1978 to 1996.  Sr Wright was an energetic Principal who oversaw land acquisitions and many new developments including the McDonald classrooms, College Hall, the Mercy Administration and Library wing, the Performing Arts Centre and Catherine's Garden.  The House colour is purple.





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