Mission Ministry

Mission Ministry is a collaborative partnership between students, staff, parents, the Sisters of Mercy, and clergy.  We are all called to proclaim the Gospel through our lives, and there are specific ministries within the Church and Catholic school that enable us to do so. An education at Mercedes College is imbued with life giving worship, pastoral care and outreach, and together these elements create a dynamic whereby the College community can minister with integrity.

Members of the community are free to discern their gifts and then examine ways in which these gifts can be used in ministry at the College. Students and staff serve as special ministers, altar servers, liturgical singers and dancers.  They participate in outreach programs, social justice campaigns and service initiatives.

Service is a key involvement for staff and students of the College with a strong emphasis on reflective practice and Mercy in action. Reflection days, retreat programs and fundraising events are supported with generous contributions from parents, Alumni, clergy and facilitators from Social Justice agencies.
Ministry at Mercedes College is concerned with the wholeness of the human being, the quality of life and the purposeful nature of a meaningful vocation. It encompasses the development of young women - their intellectual, emotional and social development alongside their spiritual growth. It also encourages them to act as responsible adults and to evaluate the world in light of their Christian faith. We trust our students will become skilled in acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses and more aware of their own potential and ability to exchange and communicate information concerning faith and life experience.  We hope to nurture in them a desire for discipleship and to love and be loved into a relationship with God.





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