Years 7s Celebrate 100 Days of High School

There was great excitement in the Coady Sports Centre at the end of Term 2.  The Year 7s had gathered in House groups to reflect on what they had achieved in the last 100 days, and what learning and new experiences they had embraced.  The 100th day of high school is more than just a milestone worth noting - it was the perfect time to have fun with the number 100.  The activities provided each student with experiences of team building, creativity and reflection.  Students focused on 100 ways they had shown mercy to others, 100 pieces of knowledge they had gained and 100 things they had learnt about the new friends they had made.  The students were also provided with the opportunity to write a letter to their future selves which will be returned to them as young mercy women when they graduate in 2021.
Students also enjoyed a competitive quiz before moving out into the sunshine to form the phrase "100 Days" for use in a College video.  The girls all enjoyed their 100 day cupcakes! 

Celebrating 100 Days 




Tuesday, 13 March





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