Book Club
Junior and Senior Book clubs are alive and well at Mercedes College extending the range of books that students are exposed to and providing an opportunity for students to discuss the various topics elicited from their reading.  Members are also given the opportunity to explore literature further with innovative activities including book shop visits.

Chess Club
Chess Club is a popular extra-curricular activity for students.  Meeting at lunchtimes the Chess Club takes part in House and Interschool Chess Competitions throughout the year.

Da Vinci Decathlon
A gruelling series of 10 intellectual tasks undertaken by the team, or sub-groups of the team, sees students challenged academically in disciplines including Engineering, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Creative Producers, Forensic Sleuths, Games of Strategy, Mathematics, and general knowledge, and provides valuable teamwork skills.   

Interschool Debating is available for students in Years 8 to 12.  Teams compete against other independent and private schools in the Western Australian Debating League. The  Debating program allows the students to develop confidence, work as a team and assists in the development of the students’ critical and analytical thinking.

Information Technology
To keep pace with the ever changing world of Information Technology, all students are offered opportunities to participate in a number of activities which aim to encourage an interest in the technological field.  The IT Lounge provides students with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves with current technological issues facing them.  Every week brings a different topic or activity with discussions including IT and the Music Industry, Digital Wearables, the power of social media, and where are the girls in IT? 

IT Angels The IT Angels formed in 2014 to support the launch of the “Always Learning Anywhere Initiative” where every student has access to their own device at school to support their learning. Regular meetings are held to discuss the current technological challenges in classrooms and share ideas on solutions and strategies to help solve any challenges. Students are involved in incursions and excursions.  Being in the CBD provides students with easy access to colloborative workspaces which provide knowledge about the world of start-ups and social enterprises.

Maths Activities
Students have many opportunities to extend themselves through:

  • The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  • Have Sum Fun Competition, a quiz night style competition available for seniors (Years 11 and 12) and juniors (Years 8, 9 and 10).
  • House Times Tables Competition for Year 7 students.

Mock Law
A great activity for the budding barristers and solicitors among us.  Each year Mercedes competes in the Law Society of WA Mock Law Trial Competition.  A mock trial is a simulated court case in which teams contest a fictitious WA legal matter presented in the WA court system.  The Supreme Court sets the scene for the teams who take either the prosecution/plaintiff or defence side of the case.  Cases range from shoplifting and real estate evictions to murder.  Students take on the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses or court personnel within teams.  Involvement in Mock Law can enhance a student’s ability to think flexibly, communicate clearly and precisely, apply past knowledge and think interdependently.  Participants do not have to study Politics and Law (P&L) in Years 11 or 12, however involvement in the trials assists students who study ‘P&L’. 

Opti-Minds is a fun, team activity that inspires creativity and sustainability.  It involves teams of 7 students from different year groups working together to solve a problem set in six weeks.  They may choose from the topics of Language Literature, Social Sciences and Science Engineering and present their unique solution in the form of a skit.  Having to construct all props and costumes themselves out of mostly recycled materials, provide additional challenge and great variety.  Students also take part in a spontaneous challenge where they must work together to solve a short problem.  Opti-Mnds is a great way to meet different students and foster that creative spark.  Characterisitics of fairness and team work are fostered in a friendly environment. 

Philosophy Club A lunchtime activity that asks all the big questions!  Philosophy means the 'love of wisdom', and we ponder and discuss a wide range of subjects relevant to the world today, as well as the ideas of the great thinkers of the past.  In a relaxed setting, students have the opportunity to ask questions like:  why is there something rather than nothing?  Or, what is truth?  And, what makes something or somebody, beautiful.  Philosophy is also a practical discipline however, and we apply these thoughts to issues occurring in the world today, such as the fascination with reality TV, freedom of speech, and the age old question:  Is Superman better than Batman?  All are welcome.

Science Activities
A range of activities and competitions are on offer:

  • The Rio Tinto Big Science Competition
  • The Siemens Science Experience, an enrichment and extension activity held at UWA
  • The National Chemistry Quiz
  • The RACI Titration Takes – a group competition for Chemistry students.
  • The National Youth Science Forum, conducted through Rotary International offering students a 10 day residential program in Canberra.  Selection is based on merit and interest in science/engineering.
  • Science Talent Search is conducted by STAWA and offers students participation as an individual, or as a group.
  • Mercedes College Science Club (InGEnioUS) – open to all students who meet to discuss science ideas and topics, enjoy guest presenters, visit science displays, science toys.  

Writing Club
The Writers’ Club is about developing and sharing creative talents. Meeting in the Library after school, student leaders invent creative ways for members to improve their writing skills using a variety of mediums including scripts, poems, monologues, short stories, novels and songs.  Leaders provide opportunities for members to share their ideas and receive constructive criticism and encouragement throughout the process.

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