Student Leadership

Through a long tradition of leadership formation students are encouraged to become creative and confident future leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility.  The College offers many leadership opportunities for students from Years 7-12.

Prefect Council
Prefect Council members at Mercedes College understand their leadership to be both a privilege and a responsibility and aim to be reflective, critical and visionary in a Mercy context.  Prefects commit themselves to making visible: the power of a life giving Christ-centred Mercy community, the web of our interconnections with the wider community, the gift of other-centredness rather than self-centredness and the hopeful possibility of what might be created collaboratively.

The Prefect Council offers Year 12 students a leadership framework that encourages a collaborative model of formation and service. Year 12 Council members are elected by their peers and staff of the College.  The work of the Council has been divided into five ministry teams that Prefects and Deputy Prefects manage cooperatively:

  • Empowering Women Ministry 
  • Mind, Body and Soul Ministry
  • College Life Ministry
  • Achieving Excellence Ministry
  • Fostering Leadership Ministry

The Prefect Council commits itself to living the Mission and Values of the College in both word and actions and embraces the following sentiments from the College Vision Statement: We are young women empowered to accept leadership roles within society and always seek to make a difference. We understand the importance of balance in our lives and set ourselves realistic yet achievable goals. We hope to become women with a sense of who we are and of the influence we can have in the world beyond Mercedes College.

Peer Mentor Program
Mercedes College offers the opportunity for Year 10 students to become Peer Mentors to younger students in the College.  The program gives students the chance to be positive role models and mentors, in addition to promoting positive, pro-social behaviours amongst the student body. They also encourage students to be proactive in creating a respectful College environment and "be the change they wish to see in the world". Once nominated, Peer Mentors are selected by the Pastoral Council based on their ability to aspire, excel and lead.  They work with their Year 7 students throughout the year, running formal activities and catching up with the younger students for more informal meetings during recess and lunchtimes.

Student Representative Council (SRC)
Students are elected to the Student Representative Council at the end of each year, with the exception of incoming Year 7 students who would be appointed in term one.  These students represent their homeroom and year group and have the opportunity to meet with the Principal and Prefects twice a term to discuss any concerns their student cohort may have, and work in a collaborative manner to help address these. Students can serve on the SRC in alternate years. This gives many students the leadership opportunity.  

Co-curricular Activities
In addition to academic subjects, students are encouraged to participate in one of the many co-curricular activities in the areas of academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of the College.  All of these groups offer many other opportunities throughout the year for students to demonstrate their leadership qualities by being actively involved in student run events, representing the College at important events, or acting as tour guides for special College events.  

House and Inter-House Activities
The House System provides students with many opportunities for leadership. These include House Prefects and their deputies, House representatives from year groups, Choreographers and Directors.





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